3 Sep 2010

10 Kuasa Besar Nuklear Dunia

dan IRAN adalah yang ke 10 dan paling banyak ditekan walaupun:

No 10. Iran – Not declared, Accused

First test Never
Nuclear stockpile size 2,400 kilogram of low-enriched uranium
Last nuclear test Never
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty status Signatory

Top American Military officials say that Iran can produce atleast 1 nuclear weapon within a year from now and a workable atomic bomb in two to five years. While, the west accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons, Iran’s leaderships denies it and says that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and is meant to produce electricity to power their medical reactors.

Iran abandoned its nuclear program in 1979 after staring it in the 1960s. It was again resumed in mid 1990s, as revealed in secret documents obtained in 2002. Just recently, a fourth round of sanctions was imposed against Iran’s nuclear program by the UN.

Think it !!

Read more: http://realitypod.com/2010/08/top-10-nuclear-power-of-the-world/#ixzz0yR8gCFO0

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